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Band Fundraisers - Group Page

This is the place to come to find out what fundraisers are available and to choose the spot you would like to work.  If you need help signing up for a spot I can be reached at (541) 441-2008 Text or Call. You can also post a message on Facebook and tag me in it and my email is erinlemoi@gmail.com

***Students are not allowed to work a fundraiser that will conflict with any
"Required Band Activity". ***

Individual Band account fundraisers:  Due to the number of kids needing to raise money for the Macy's trip we have to limit the number of spots a family can take on each individual event that gives the money directly to the students band account. Each family can work 1 adult spot and 1 student spot for each Band student in the family.

If it is a week before the event and there are spots open, anyone can take them. Even if you have already signed up.

Thanks for volunteering!

Erin Lemoi

GPHS Band Booster

Fundraising Coordinator




Band Fundraisers - Group Page

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