Video Tours & Quick Tips



Organizer Tour

Creating a Sign-up (for Organizers)

Participant/Volunteer Tour

Signing Up on VolunteerSpot (for Participants)

Managing Your Activity

Tour of MyActivities Tab


Group Pages

Inviting People to Multiple Activities

iPad Clipboard by VolunteerSpot

Group sign-ups in-person, easy!

Adding Multiple Shifts

How to add multiple shifts to your activity


Making Assignments (from a paper sign-up)

Manually adding assignments for participants

How to Create a Sharable Link or Button

Learn how to create a sharable link or email invitation on VolunteerSpot.

Collecting Contributions and Fees

Easily collect money for your cause or group


Parent Teacher Conferences

Save time scheduling parent-teacher conferences. Easy!

Potluck Sign Up Sheets

Simple Potluck Planning with VolunteerSpot

Swap Spots

Request other participants to swap a shift