Step 1
You Schedule
Room Parent schedules activities and invites parents
Step 2
They Signup Online or On the Go
Sign Up
Parents choose a spot and signup with a click
Step 3
We Remind
VolunteerSpot sends
confirmations & reminders

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Free eBook: Great ideas for games, crafts, snacks and more.

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Free eBook: Great ideas for games, booths, concessions and more.


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“VolunteerSpot makes it easy to plan activities with other parents. Everyone signs up to do their share and that feels good!” ~Trish A., Seattle, WA
“It was quite convenient using your website for party planning. The other room parent and I are working mothers so, it helped quite a bit. The automated reminders were great. Thanks.” ~Christy T., Room Parent, Roanoke, Virginia
“Volunteer Spot will make this much less time consuming than the many times I have held this position in the past!!!!! ” ~Bridget, Room Mom, Michigan
“Thanks Volunteer Spot for making an elementary school Welcome Wagon Pizza Party much easier to coordinate. Loved it and found it very helpful instead of having to send a group email (myself) and making sure everyone hit "reply all" and then having to sort through what ideas/jobs still needed to be covered. Very organized and nice to have options for printing out updates and then very easy to send out nice thank yous as soon as the even was done. ” ~Nancy B., MOM, Household Chief Operating Officer

Which VolunteerSpot do you need?

Free Service

  • 365 day calendar with easy planning wizard for shifts, jobs and supplies to bring
  • Participants sign up with a few clicks - no registration required
  • Quick multiday copy
  • Automated email reminders
  • Easy smartphone signup and calendar sync
  • Simple shift swap (for participants)
  • Print sign in sheets, calendar summaries and rosters, export data including basic hours
  • Send thank you notes
  • One activity organizer
  • Collect Contributions
  • iPad Clipboard app for simple in-person sign ups

Premium Subscription

  • Participant hours tracking report
  • 5 customizable activity registration fields
    (e.g., T-shirt sizes, group affiliation,
    teacher's name, child's name)
  • Advanced reporting
  • Up to 10 assistant organizers
    • Up to 30 Participants: $4.99/month
    • Up to 50 Participants: $9.99/month
    • Up to 150 Participants: $19.99/month
    • Up to 400 Participants: $29.99/month

What People Are Saying

Wow! You have saved me hours and hours of emails and phone calls. Thank you, VolunteerSpot!
~Joyce F., Kindergarten Homeroom Mom, Farifax, VA

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